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Official FIRST LOOK/LISTEN for Viz Media’s ENTIRELY NEW Sailor Moon dub - this time with Luna!!!

EDIT: I just wanted to add (for those of you that don’t know) Naoko Takeuchi - the creator of Sailor Moon - made the final selections for the English dub voice cast. (This was stated in an interview with Anime News Network and Viz Media here.)

For more information on the new dub (entirely remastered, uncut, and will also include English subs) AND to PREORDER Part 1 of Season 1, check out my post here!! Viz’s new dub includes ALL 200 episodes (Yes, Sailor Stars!) as well as all 3 films and the specials!

You can view my post introducing the new dub cast here.

You can check out Usagi and Mamoru’s first meeting in the new Viz dub here!

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